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What are you doing to ensure that your hunting rights and your fishing rights for that matter are not infringed upon by this most liberal extreme green Obama administration?

To just ignore the signs of the times and say "it will never happen in my life time", is to admit that you are not keeping up with what is actually going down in Harrisburg or in Washington DC. The Democrat party that your father belonged to years ago during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations and before are not the moderate voice in Congress today. Instead the Democrat party has taken a sharp left turn while they have the total control. In just ten months into his presidency, Barak Obama with the help of his evil fiends, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are making an all out push for what can only be called a total government takeover of every single detail of our lives.
IN other words, the ship that once was called freedom is now called socialists and as that ship continues to go over the horizon, that ship is changing its flag to communist.
Never thought we'd see it happen here? Then you've been kidding yourself, you've fallen for the stories of bambi and all the rest of the computer generated movies that you let your kids watch.
While you were looking the other way, Obama has been raiding the rights of all outdoorsmen. His current pet project seems to be to ban all salt and fresh water fishing in the US waters, including a ban on the use of boats.
Why? Perhaps he's seen too many Michael Moore movies or attended too many Al Gore lectures, but it's happening NOW.
In my opinion, it is really a sneak attack, like Charlie did against the boys in Nam, slithering like a snake through the high grass until he was right on top of them before they could react.
With the help of the Friends of the Animals, the Sierra Club, the SPCA and the PETA members, this new group of conservative haters is making a final assault upon your liberties through attending Pa. Game Commission meetings, through the voices of high profile celebrities who are braindead and by a media that is hellbent on ushering in a New World Order.
This media of CBS, ABC, NBC and CNN are all so far left that anything they report should be looked at with a grain of salt and a lot of scrutiny.
Thank God that FOX news has allowed Glen Beck to lead the charge against this administration that is racked through with corruption from years of bipartisanship, kickbacks and help from both the Bush's and the Clintons.
Ed Rendell, Babbette Joseph, Rep. Murphy and Sen Spector with help from Lynn Abrams and Michael Nutter have been pushing for gun control since they've been elected and it is high time to get organized to help put a stop to these kinds of liberals taking office or we won't have guns for protection or for hunting.
Know that this is not just another weak punch from the antigun crowd, but that this is a final all out assault on your Constitutional rights.
Know that if they are successful because of our being complacent that our United States Constitution will cease to exist and raids from the BATFE, the FBI, the newly federalized local police forces will be commonplace upon households across America until only criminals have guns.
Our government is out of control, they are over taxing us on every item you own and everything you do while your alive and then they are taxing it again when you die.
This administration, if successful, will with the help of Ed Rendell ensure that the government is your god. The corruption by communism and greed is so rampant that we may not see this United States last much longer.
Either by a foreign force a la Russia or China or Islam, or perhaps by a domestic force such as Obama's new civilian task force or whatever he's going to call it that he intends to spend as much money on as he does our military.
And STILL the people have their heads in the sand. STILL they refuse to watch FOX news, STILL they ignore the lessons of history in Cuba, in Korea, In VietNam, in China, in Russia.
While Germany and France desire less government interference in health care, this president is pushing for a healthcare system where his appointees will make the decisions.
While we've seen England and Australia become an unarmed civilian population with no hunting permitted, STILL there are those who are standing on the sidelines, not wanting to get involved in politics.
Those who don't involve themselves in politics will be ruled by those who do. That is where we are today.
While our sons and daughters put their lives in harms way in fighting the terrorists of Afghanistan and Iraq and elsewhere, they come home to be labeled terrorists themselves by a [censored] leadership that wants to control the populace. You veterans know the oath of allegiance that you gave, it was to the U.S. Constitution and we've all said the pledge of allegiance, for the REPUBLIC FOR WHICH IT STANDS, ONE NATION UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.
OK, our nation is not perfect, it hasn't been anywhere near perfect. Too many lawyers getting criminals off the hook with the help of a communist organization called the ACLU.
When you need a lawyer, find out if he's in the ACLU, if their office supports the ACLU, get a different lawyer.

Don't purchase products from companies that are known to give their money to guncontrol advocates.
Likewise research those who are running for local office politics.
Do spend your money in stores that support your hunting rights like Cabelas, Gander Mt., French Creek Outfitters.
Support the NRA, but if the NRA buckles just one more time, let's support the Gun Owners of America.
If your Dr. or chiropractor, dentist or insurance company or church or minister is one that supports PETA, or gun control drop them like a hot rock.
Don't listen to your union rep who wants you to vote for his Philadelphia cronie, you have a mind, vote for your guns and your freedoms.
WE are at the edge.
Get involved now.
Try or the Valley Forge Patriots, join the NRA, heck join the U.S. Marines, but don't sit on the sidelines and not care. Don't expect all of the communist and left liberalism to disappear without a fight.
VOTE. Run for local commissioner. Call your senators, your state reps, talk to your neighbors, put up a flyer for patriotism in your church.
Buy seeds, buy a water purifier, buy supplies and G&A.
Pray cause that's what George Washington did when faced with an enemy that was stronger than his army.

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AMEN brother. The time for are voices to be heard is now, before it's too late. Flood your senators and congressmen's mailboxes, burn up the phone lines, organize rallys. This is OUR government, they work for US.

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Of course I'm joking, now go back to drinking your mix of koolaid and old crow whiskey and go back to sleep.
You're safer there in's politics is all just a dream, you'll wake up and find that everything is still the same, there's no reason to be alarmed.
Obama, Pelosi, the environmentalists, Ed Rendell, Babbette Joseph, they all have your hunting and fishing interests as their top priority to keep safe. Not. Gullible are you.
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