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what are the odds of geese returning to a field

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My hunting buudy and I hunted a field on Sat. that there was 100+ geese hitting the field on Friday. My question is what are the odds that these geese will return to the same field to feed again? There is corn all over the field for them to eat. On Friday they where there from 8:30 till at least 2:00 when I last check on them. I have never seen so much corn left in the field. We killed 9 geese out of 2 different flocks. I went and checked on the geese this mourning and they where back at the roast. So what do you guys think. Will they come back to this field? This is my buddy and I first year of goose hunting so any help would be great.
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If there is a lot of feed around I would say no. Find the new place they are hitting. If there is not a lot of feed then possible. It depends on how many of the geese you educated. If it was 9 geese out of 100 then it will depend on the food.
I agree..if there s feed in that field..their be back!
if it were early season, I would say wiat I week and they might be back. But these birds know what's up and if there are other good food sources around, be preapred to move on. HOwever, a few years ago we go 5 hunts in on a field in 3 weeks- must have shot 40 ducks and 100 geese on that one field
These birds acted like they have never been shot at. We took 4 out of the first group and they was just flying around like nothing happened. Both groups just dropped right in on us without even doing a fly by. Not sure if that was because of the high winds we had or they was just fresh birds that nobody has shot at these year. There is not very many people that hunt geese in my area so hopefully we did not scare them to bad
i'd think you've got a shot since you only shot at 2 flocks.. make sure you change the setup a lot though.. numbers, shape, etc.. make it look completely different
If there migrating birds you should be able to kill them every day. Residents will be tougher, change up your spread from day to day, dont be afraid to run 6-10 decoys.
Didint realize others had gave the same advice, do what lwrsusq said.
They are resident birds. We had 24 shells and 6 full bodies out. All big foot. We have 4 dozens full bodies and 24 shell but did not put them out do to the high winds that we had sat. We where chasing enough decoys from the wind blowing them over. I am going to watch these bird this week and hopefully they get back on them by wed or thurs.
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