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Spent 15 hours at my sons wrestling tournament yesterday. Promised him (13yrs old) and his friend (15 years old and who has been begging to go fox hunting with us) I would take them out if I wasn't too tired. Well I was but that's no excuse not to introduce a newbee to fox hunting and spend time with my son. Turned out when we picked up the friend his older brother (17) wanted to give it a try too but doesn't have a varmint rifle. I hand him my 223 that I brought for me and say get suited up and let's get outta here.

Farm 1- Vole Squeels- 30 seconds after starting the call the oldest boy catches a glimpse of something just before it goes down over the top of a little dip in the field. Turns out it is a coyote. Probably about 15 seconds later it busts out across the field between the middle boy and me and my son. about 20 yards from me (my son was facing the other way). I try to stop it but it doesn't hesitate. My son turns and gets a shot off at it but misses. First coyote he has shot at and first one the other 2 have ever seen. When we get back to the truck the oldest boy (who borrowed my gun) says "I'm sorry. If I wouldn't have come you probably would have killed that coyote." to which I said "if you wouldn't have come you wouldn't have seen your first coyote, my son wouldn't have shot at his first coyote, and I wouldn't be looking at the smiles on your faces that you have right now. Trust me we all won tonight....even the coyote."

Farm 2- Sitting with the younger of the 2 friends in between the other 2 boys 15yrds on each side of us in a tree line. Us covering the field and the others got our back and sides along the tree line. 3 minutes of Vole Squeels and nothing. Wait 2/3 minutes and turn on a red fox distress and see eyes coming at us a minute later across the field of cut corn. Hangs up at about 100 yards. Boy says to me "I see him!" I say "just wait and see if he keeps coming." He stays at 100yrds and the kid says "I can hit him." I say "if you feel good with the shot take it" and before I can finish with "but I would wait a second and see if he comes in closer".....BANG! I should have rearanged that statement. We spend a good 30-40 minutes searching where it was and find some tracks in what was left of the snow and follow them looking for blood but nothing. Another miss and lesson learned.

Farm 3- Nothing

Farm 4- Nothing

It is now about 2am and after the long day of wrestling we decide to stop for the night. We get in the truck and before I can even ask if they enjoyed themselves they are all already making plans to go again tonight......mission accomplished. The new guys are hooked and my son is hooked even more. And gotta admit I am even more than before

Well the plans have been set and hopefully tonight one of them will connect!

There's nothing like taking kids hunting!
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