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western pa dove hunt

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Did one of these before and it got alot of interest (except the doves). Might be worth a try again. We could do moraine again or try somewhere else but I don't know to many good feilds other than my secret spot. This could be a fun event and it is a great way to kick off hunting season.
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well with all the input not alot to go on but i am working on a hunt if anyone wants to help feel free
Sorry Tater, I was on vacation and missed this post. I'd be willing to help out in any way I can!!

Hopefully it will generate a littel more interest than what we've had so far??
we did one a couple years ago and it had alot of interest but no birds. thats the problem pretty much gotta do public land cause nobody is gonna take a group of guys they don't know to their secret honey hole.
Let me know if I can help out. I might know of a few fields up this way on public land that have doves. I would need to go and check what was planted there this year.
sounds good gary i also am looking at some co op farms.
Sept. 11th would be a definite no go for me. I'm already tryin to figure out how to shoot a sporting clays competition in Garards Fort, Greene County in the morning and then make it to Apollo for a pig roast that afternoon.

I am heading out towards cross creek this week, I will take a look around some of the farms I'm familiar with and see whats shakin..
I am a nogo for that weekend too so date is still open. Maybe the following weekend or we can do opening weekend.
I went and checked those fields. They would be great, could probably have 200 guys hunting there at the same time. The only problem with them is there are no doves there.
Lol. What time were you there
I was there around 1 pm. It has everything doves would want water close by, trees near it, standing corn about 50 yards wide then grass 50 yards wide going for about a half mile. Across the road is another couple 100 acres of fields.
looks for fields with dirt roads beside them, grit is the key. without grit, you wont' have a major flyway.
I forgot to mention the old gravel pit that is there. The shore of Shenango lake is close to it and the river runs along the end of some of the fields. Like I said it has everything except doves. I saw 6 while I was there.
The birds aren't real active that time of day the fact you saw 6 is a good sign. Might be a good spot later in the day.
I set the date. Saturday sept 18th.

We will have a picnic lunch before if we have enough interest
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