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western mt lion hunt ideas

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just curious as to who has done this, where they have gone and about how much it cost? ive always wanted to do a cat hunt and recently mentioned it to a friend and he said the same! he actually has a contact in Idaho that isn't an outfitter but has lots of buddies that run cats for fun just like our coyote guys here. it sounded promising at first and I wasn't opposed to that idea but a little more serious digging has proved to be frustrating/disappointing and the "buddies" claims arnt holding up now that we've actually called him on it so it looks like we are in the market for am outfitter. we hoped to gather info at the sportsman show this yr but obviously that wont be happeing. any input would be great!
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The largest mountain lion ever killed was in UTAH and weighed close to 300 pounds...Good Luck..
Can you provide a link to this 300# mt lion? That seems awefully big. Sproul
By the way check with Dean Hendrickson out of Pine Colorado for a cat hunt. He hangs around the Big Game Houndsman web site. Sproul
My son and I went to Idaho a few weeks ago for a 10 day hunt. Main focus was Mt. Lion and wolf, but we also hunted coyote and bobcat. I find it hard to believe in a 300 lb lion!! A Tom wieighing in at 130 lbs is HUGE!! I took a female at 90-100 lbs and was very happy (see my pics on my thread). was our host. We'll be going back for elk, mulies, Big Horn sheep and Mt. Goat. They also have whitetails and bear. If you hunt birds they have wild populations of chukkar, Hungaian partridge and Sage grouse.
BTW, Little Lost will be at the Springfield, MA sportsman's show. Big show, might be worth the drive.
Largest Mt. Lion ever killed was 276 pounds. It was killed near Prescott, Arizona.
I saw your pics last wk stack! that's what got me motivated!
Gilla national wilderness around Reseve NM, I spent over a year there and saw several. I dont know if you even need a tag... you do not need a hunting lisence to hunt coyotes in Nm. you might want to check it out. south of ABQ
swpa87, wow, that is a HUGE lion!! Probably fattened up on a few hikers!!
Would love to call one in.......
Samuel said:
Would love to call one in.......
EXACTLY!!!! Same here, in PA
no doubt i'd drop it and worry about the consequences later!
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I've only hunted them once. I took a Tom weighing 120 pounds. Surely big enough for me. He made a great mount. I hunted with Lone Tree Outfitters out of Payson Utah. Very tough hunt but a great experience!
i have hunted lions 3 times and killed 3 toms. on in utah, one in nevada, and one in british columbia. in my oponion i would stay away from utah. way too many hound hunters in utah. plus utah is a draw state. i would stay away from dry ground state in the south west. nothing wrong with them but increase your chances and hunt snow. idaho is a real good state for lions. i also have a buddy in wyoming who guides for cats and is usually 100% successful. if i only could pick one place to hunt cats it would be british columbia. the cats grow real big up there and the terrain is amazing. plus it is one of the few places you can add a lynx. dont wait long, prices are sky rocketing on good lion hunts. a good lion hunter who can all but guarentee you a lion will probably charge minimum $4500 and up. one thing for sure it is a hunt you will never forget!
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