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I'm still looking for the Link to the posting that was on HPA a few weeks back about the Sportsmens Organizations in Potter County that have Held Many hunts for the Wounded Warriors Project and since have pulled their Backing of the WWP due to the WWP not supporting the 2A and seeming Anti Gun!

Last week I was invited to a Concert this Saturday 2/23/13 at the Plumbers and Pipe Fitters Union 520 in West Hanover Township.

West Hanover Township Fire Company is holding their Banquet from 5-9 pm and then at 9 pm they are having Black Mountain Jack come in and do a "free" show in Support of the WWP.

Anyone invited was asked to make a donation at the door for the WWP.

I talked to my Friend who invited me to this and explained to him I could NOT attend due to the Fire Company and Black Mountain Jack giving the money to WWP!

This Friend has said he would DIE defending his 2A Right to own Firearms, Yet when I told him about what has been posted on the internet about WWP being Anti 2A and how many Sportsmens Organization in Potter County that had Supported WWP, have pulled their support of WWP due to WWP's stance on not supporting the 2A, his comment was "well, that is your right to not attend"
I tried to get him to see where he had said "I'll Die defending my 2A Rights" but then will go and give money to an organization that is NOT Defending our 2A rights, his 2 statements are Contradicting of each other, but he can not see it!

I just wanted to get this out, maybe some can help in the short notice to show West Hanover Township Fire Company where they are going Wrong and maybe they can along with Black Mountain Jack, change to a donation to an Organization who SUPPORTS the 2A and Supports our Wounded Warriors, Both together and not picking and choosing to support 1 and not the other that both go hand in hand together!
West Hanover Township Fire company

Black Mountain Jack

Plumbers and Pipe Fitters Union 520

Link to posting a few weeks back here on HPA
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