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Went Back and killed him

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Last Wednesday I worked this gobbler and he out maneuvered me so I ended up killing the one across the road (see Blood on the Mossyoak Greenleaf Pants) post.

My son is home from college so we are hunting together to try and get him one.

We tried this gobbler yesterday and he started gobbling at his usual time 5:30am. We were moved in on by someone else so we left and tried other areas but no shot opportunities.

We debated last evening on where to go and he said, "lets go back where we started today".
So this morning we arrived early and parked where anyone could see where we were.

Daylight starts to begin and at 5:30 nothing..... We waited 10 more mins. Then above us on the mt. he sounds off. We gathered our stuff and walked up the road away from him and cut up in and waited.
He gobbled 3 more times but far apart. "HMMMM" I thought, he is acting different for some reason as he is not gobbling alot like he did the other two times I worked him, maybe its the weather or pressure I told my son.
We waited, then I said," well he likes to circle me and come in above in that open timber on the side" so I told my son to get halfway up and set down and when "he does what he does", he will come right to you, "OKAY" he says.
I get out my turkey wing, cluck and then a few soft yelps. He gobbles. Then I "flap" the wing against some trees. I wait awhile then do it again this time I don't call. He gobbles.
The waiting game starts. I hear him fly down at 6:23am. I wait 10mins., then call. He gobbled and instead of him working out the side he flew down clear to the bottom of the mt. where I'm at. This whole set is planned out for my son to get the shot but things are changing.
Now I'm just sitting on a log mind you, waiting for him to do what he has done in the past and it appears he is level with me now.
Well I thought, "I had better find a tree", so I scoot over to this nice red oak and sit up against. I called softly and he answers.
At this point I still think he is going to cut up and go above me but he gobbled again and he is closer.
I think well I better get serious now and I start looking at open spots with yardage in mind. I tucked the 870 up in and rest it solid on my knee pointed where he gobbled last.
I wait..... then I see movement at my 11 o'clock, then something else behind that. I wait then I see a hen feeding my way up along this mountain stream that trickles down the ravine they are working up. She hops across it (its only a foot wide) and feeds up towards me, then I see another turkey and behind it I see a white head coming and there he is in full strut. "There you are", I thought. He is all puffed up slowly coming in, then there is another white head and its another gobbler but he is the subordinate one as he won't strut at all just follow the strutter. The whole parade is now moving in on me so I think I hope they come in a little closer. The one hen is now at my 9 o'clock and feeding. The strutter is now 30yds and behind a big oak and the other gobbler is feeding with his head down so I move the gun barrel to the left a little and put it on his head as he comes out behind the tree. He then comes outa full strut and looks around, I have a clear shot I thought and squeeze the trigger BOOM! he goes down. The other turkeys scatter. I then went over and picked him up. He has a 9 in beard 7/8 cream colored spurs and weighed 17.65lbs.

My son comes down off the mt. and congratulates me and tells me what he heard and seen through the whole process. I told him I wish he would've done what he normally does so he could've got him and he said thats okay he just did something different today and we have other days to hunt so we will go out tommorow and try to get his.

Here is a pic

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looks like you put the HAMMER on him wow!

nice bird, how far was he when you shot?

Congrats man
Thank you,
He was 30yds. The gun is a Remington 870 with a 28 in. full choke, it uses 2 3/4 in shells only. It patterns the best using Winchester XX mag #6 shot.
This gun was my "go to" weapon for many years. Back in those days camo on guns was not available so we had to tape them up. I mainly use a 1187 but when my son goes I change and give him the "Howitzer" and I use the 870.

Good luck getting your son on one!!
Sounds like a fun hunt! Congrats on tom #2!
Sounds great, congratz!!
Awesome. Congrats!
You'd swear he was closer the way his head looks lol

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Congrats on taking a nice bird.
Great story! Just when you think you got them figured out they throw ya a curve ball.
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