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Wednesday morning hunt

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So my wife and I recently moved into a new home that was owned by my grandfather. His family (my dad's family) left it to us when he passed away earlier this year, so my dad and I have been trying to get some things fixed around here. We had planned to hunt today until about 11 then come home and work on digging up the basement floor. To my pleasure, things went quite differently! Within five minutes of arriving at our spot the dogs had the first rabbit up. I recently picked up a six month old pup, already up and running, and I had her and my 6 year old beagle / basset mix out along with my dad's beagle. The dogs brought that first rabbit around, and my dad missed it. It came out and ran right across my boot! I ended up shooting it just as it was disappearing into the brush. That started one of the most fantastic days of rabbit hunting I have had since I was in my teen years. Altogether the dogs ended up running 10 rabbits, and I put three in the bag. My dad didn't manage to connect at all, which was the only downfall of the morning. We ended up not getting out of the woods until well after one o'clock. My new pup was, to say the least, impressive. That dog hunts! She was worth every penny I spent on her, and it is strange but she seems to have really brought the other two together to work as a pack. I threw her in with them rather abruptly and they started running together like they've been doing it for years. All three dogs (and my dad and I) worked really hard and it was a great morning to be in the woods. There's still some out there guys!
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