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Weatherby Warranty?

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I just bought a new Weatherby Vanguard Deluxe, and noticed the clearcoat in a few small area's is little smudged and smeared clearcoat, and even a small amount of build up on one place.
Does anybody know what they will do with this? I mean would I get a new replacement stock, or will they just redo the one that's on it, or do nothing on minor problem?
I e-mailed them early today, but no response as of yet.
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It's not real noticeable, just certain way the light hit's it and it will show more. I noticed it when I got home with it and took a real good look at it. Didn't expect a brand new gun in the box that was sealed would have an issue.
Friend of mine had a weatherby. Not a vanguard but the high end one. And his clear coat was cracking. He had to send it out to a gunsmith shop that does all their work and they refinished it. This was about three or four years ago. They coverd it all
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