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weatherby PA-08

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anyone have a weatherby PA-08 shotgun i just bought one it was on sale just wanted everyones opinion on it
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did you get the upland version or the synthetic version?

havent shot one before but looks like a sweet gun.
is that a semi or pump? my buddy just got a weatherby semi, but I don't know a thing about them. I haven't even seen it yet, but I'm sure it looks good just like everything else they make.
i got the upland
dicks sportinggoods had it on sale for $289 after taxes and the $5 backround check i paid $310 and got 10% off a cleaning kit,case or any other shooting supplys has it for $350 and suggest $410
What chokes does this gun take? a buddy of mine was looking into buying one, but he decided not to because chokes where hard to find.
it comes with 3 chokes full M and IC other then that i havent really looked into the chokes yet
I am kinda suprised to see they are made in Turkey instead of Japan ?
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