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We called him Bumpy

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We called him Bumpy, his given name was Edward and most just called him Bucky. Bump was a hunters hunter and a true great friend. He left us suddenly in June of 2021 at the age of 57. He was the center of our deer camp made up of three friends and our sons and a few other friends from time to time and the camp was unofficially named "Camp Bumpy".
Bump hunted Elk and Mule Deer as far west as Idaho and Moose in the Maritimes in Newfoundland, but he was all about hunting in PA. He was always the first one up at 2:30 am on opening day and sure to be the last one to leave the woods and get back to the trucks. It seemed that he could not get enough of his time in the woods.
Bump always made Oreo pancakes for breakfast on opening day and I think the sugar rush alone is what carried us through the long day on the mountain.
Sorry, I had all kinds of great things I wanted to write about Bump on here but now as I"m typing it out, everything is getting jumbled up.
Just know that Bump was the kind of friend that comes along once and when you look back on it, you are thankful for the years you had as friends but you still wish you had more to come. I still catch myself picking up the phone to call him like i did literally a thousand times before and then I realize that I can't call him.
We all miss you Bump and I hope the hunting is great in Heaven.
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Very nice tribute. There's something very special about deer camp and the people you share those memories with.
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