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we are being cheated

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all these years airplanes have been flying over my property, in my airspace, for free. I think that they should be required to lease my airspace or at the very least, pay me royalities. why is this different then the gas companies drilling under my property?
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Good luck collecting on that one.
The FAA controls airspace. However, you do, to a certain extent own the air rights above your property. I don't know where you are from, but in major cities air rights are bought and sold all of the time. Most large cities have height restrictions, but allow developers to purchase the air rights of neighboring properties. A developer can then add the purchased air rights to its own air rights and increase the total permissible height of its building.
People also purchase air rights to prevent shadowing and to protect views.

Here is a link to an example of an air rights sale offering
Condo's rely on the sale of airspace. A deed for a condo does the standard description of property, then goes "up" from a stated point.
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