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I have always wanted to trap a mink and a beaver only one of each actually I know of a small place that holds a few beavers and a bunch of muskrats I just my question is could I try for beavers with just a couple traps What else would i need Mind you this will probably just be a 1 time thing unless i catch the fever. What would someone recommend for say 2 traps for beavers and a half dozen for mink ? What other minor things would i need also I also wants to catch a grey and red fox but I think i will wait till another year to do that Any help would be appreciated Just another short not I have trapped many years ago with a friend so I have some knowledge and read all the time about ti
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You may want to repost in the Trappers Forum.

I am not an experienced beaver trapper but yes, you can certainly make a go of it with only a couple of sets. You will need some large foothold #3 or larger or #330 conibear traps for beaver. The mink traps would be much smaller sized 1-1.5 or small #110 conibears. It would be tough to incorporate fox into your mink and beaver sets. Fox trapping requires a different set of tactics/equipment, and possibly a different location. Of the three, mink sets are generally the most uncomplicated to make.
Beware: once you start doing it you will catch the fever!
Didn't realize i posted it where i did thought i was in the trapping forum
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If the locations are there you can be successful with a 330 for the beavers, I did prettty well with no foottraps for beaver. A couple of 110 conibears, and a couple of 1 1/2 coilsprings would do good for the mink.
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