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From a Grass roots person:

Good morning fellow gun owners!

I apologize for the recent silence via email, as we've been working hard in the real world staffing gun show tables and engaging in other efforts to get word out about pro-gun candidates. Speaking of candidates who will stand up for your rights, we've noticed that the mainstream media here in Pennsylvania has been getting the story on one candidate's record very, very wrong.

Dan Onorato's Record Makes Him More Anti-Gun Than Philadelphia's Establishment
We've seen several members of the traditional media say that gubernatorial candidate Dan Onorato is pro-gun because he is from Alleghany County. Last time I checked, your address has very little to do with your political convictions. Sure enough, we studied Dan Onorato's statements and proved beyond a reasonable doubt that he is far left on the gun issue - supporting gun bans, letting the government decide how many guns you can buy, and making your carry permit worthless.

Tom Corbett Needs Our Help in Coming Weeks
The true pro-rights candidate for governor is Tom Corbett, and he could use our help here in Southeast Pennsylvania a few times over the next couple of weeks. If you can attend any one of the following events, please let me know so I can pass word on to the campaign.

*Going Door-to-Door - Saturday, June 26 at 10am
*Phone Banks - Monday, June 21 from 5-8pm & Monday, June 28 from 5-8pm (15+ slots open)
^Phone Banks - Wednesday, June 23 from 5-8pm & Wednesday, June 30 from 5-8pm (10+ slots open)

*Events take place at the Blue Bell Victory Office at 800 Penllyn-Blue Bell Pike, Blue Bell
^Events take place at the Toomey Headquarters at 3440 Hamilton Blvd, Allentown

There are a few folks organizing events in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, & Philadelphia Counties if you would prefer to do something a little closer to home or work. Let me know if you'd like more information about those events & I'll put you in touch with the organizers in the campaign.

If you've never done anything like this, that's okay. Staff & other volunteers will be on hand to answer questions & get you started. These are the types of activities that turn out the vote so we can win elections. It's not enough to simply vote anymore, we have to work harder than the other side (who launched their canvassing efforts last week).

Gun Control - The Total Failure & Looming Threats
Every week since the primary we have faced the threat of gun control votes. On May 25, gun owners really turned up the heat to defeat 3 major anti-gun bills. Rep. Josh Shapiro (D-Abington/D rated by NRA) reportedly told activists at the vote, "You guys REALLY know how to get in touch with me." Yes, Rep. Shapiro, we do. And, we appreciate that you voted with us on most of the bills!

Still looming over our heads is a threat by Congressional candidate Bryan Lentz to gut Pennsylvania's reciprocity agreements with other states for our concealed carry licenses. He considers the fact that we can so easily travel through other areas with our firearms to be a disgrace requiring legislative authority to override the agreements Attorney General Tom Corbett has signed with other states. Each week, the House Judiciary Committee continues to table the bill, but we expect he could make a big push for a vote on it in the next few weeks.

Gun/Civic Club Meetings - Summer & Fall Visits!
If you're a member of a shooting range, sportsmen's club, or other civic group and would like to host me at a club meeting or event to talk about the candidates NRA is supporting this year, please send me an email. I can talk about specific races, the consequences of this year's elections and why they really are bigger than previous years, or even how your club & members can learn to utilize social networking tools online to promote your organization and/or pro-gun candidates. I'd like to visit as many clubs as possible, so please drop me a line.

Speaking of social networking for gun owners, I was asked to speak at the 2010 NRA Annual Meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina on that very topic. The presentation, called "The Gun Owner's Guide to Social Media," was recorded by their publications division and will likely be available online in coming months. The magazine First Freedom is planning to do a story on the topic later this year, so keep an eye out for it to see how you can use free tools online to not only promote the Second Amendment, but also keep in touch with friends, family, and shooting or hunting buddies.

In Liberty,
Christie Caywood
NRA Election Volunteer Coordinator, PA-13
[email protected]

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From a fellow supporter.

Forgive me if you've already heard this, but I did track down some information about Philly voter canvass efforts for Saturday.

Meet @ the South Philly GOP HQ
1713 Wolf Street, Philadelphia


Meet @ the Home of Matt Gabor
3032 Fairfield Street, Philadelphia

They both aim to kick off at 10am this Saturday. I'll see if I can get more information about phone bank opportunities.

Please do not turn this into an debate about who you should vote for... I a just posting information for those who may want to help.
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