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Walking Stick

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Look what I spotted in our back yard a few minutes ago...
a Walking Stick
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That's pretty neat. Used to find them when we were kids and haven't seen one in years. Thanks
That's actually a Thread-legged Bug...but they are very often mistaken for Walking Sticks. You took a very nice shot of it.
Mus, thanks for the info.
I thought it was a small Walking Stick.
check it out...
Yep...Body like a Walking Stick and arms like a Praying Mantis...most folks think they are an immature of one or the other. I like your photo shows the small wings on the critter!
Here's a picture of a Butterfly at our home a month or so ago.
Now I know it's name...
The Bordered Patch

check it out...
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Again,'ve got another one of those "look-alikes". The butterfly in your photo is the Red Admiral. Check the differences here in the same website. But once again...NICE SHOT!!!
I find a walking stick about once a year in my yard and mantis more then that.
Nice photographs.
Thanks everyone.
Mus states-
<span style="color: #660000">Again,'ve got another one of those "look-alikes".</span>
Thanks again, Mus.
I stand corrected.

Mus, what's the name of thishere white moth resting on a leaf?
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That is a white moth.

Mus is The Man when it comes to identifications!!
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Hern....Hmmm?? It looks a lot like one called the "Pale Beauty"...(Campaea perlata)...But those little light colored moths are tough for me be positive about. Here's a link to another photo of one. If it's not the correct species, I would at least believe it's in the same family. Someone else may have right answer to this one.
Here's a litle guy that visited me last archery season:

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nice pics.
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