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I've never seen so many violations in such a short span of time by so many different people.

I took advantage of the last few days off to get out into the field as much as possible. Thursday I ended up at Evansburg State park and I saw a man shooting at Geese that were flying overhead at least 300 ft high. Not that this is a violation but a little common sense would say it wouldn't be a realistic shot, the violations came when he continued to try and shoot these geese until a little after 5pm as the hunting hours are until 4:42pm

Friday I took advantage of the Fiancee having plans and again headed to Evansburg because the day before I had seen a good deal of Doe and figured I'd try and fill a Doe tag. I had myself set up on a virtual deer highway. Everyday I've been to this area of the park I've watched the Doe use this trail and I had myself set up pretty well with a very nice line of sight. At around 4pm 3 people with shotguns over their shoulders came into the woods only wearing an orange Vest, no Hats. I watched them walk along the edge of the field, one waved and then they proceeded walk right in front of to plop down about 50 yards right in front of me.....

Saturday I went to SGL 43 and the hunt-able portions of French Creek State Park with my cousin to look for some tree rats and Rabbits. After a long day of walking through the woods we came across a guy in between 2 trees in full Camo with absolutely no orange on, with a rifle. My Cousin didn't see him until I pointed him out and I didn't see him until we were [censored] near right on top of him. What if we didn't see him and shot at a Squirrel?

We also found a shot doe, nice clean kill shot, Doe was field dressed then dragged to the edge of the woods and then left there... why take all that time and energy to just leave the thing there? It had been there a while as there was snow on the deer and it was frozen so it wasn't like the guy went to get his truck or something.

What makes people feel as though they are above the rules and regulations for hunting??

Who does one call to report these? Do I call the Park Rangers or the Game Commission or both? WCO's are pretty thin in this area. I didn't have a phone on me at the time but I'm thinking from now on I'm going to have one with me with the numbers of the Ranger Station/Came Commission in it.

It really makes me reconsider hunting public land for anything if there are going to be this many unsafe people. It is people who do things like this that end up giving a large portion of Hunters a bad name.

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Amazing how people say they saw this violation and that violation and how sick they are of seeing them and how they complain....BUT NEVER MAKE A CALL TO THE RIGHT PLACE..
Relax a bit maybe? As I said in the post I didn't have a phone on me at the time. I asked in the post who should I call to report these things. I also said in the future I'll make sure I have a phone on me.....

FWIW: I did report the deer. Also reported the other violations.

Ravin R9
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lonewolf4372 said:
id mind my own buisness and leave well enough alone only thing ida done was report the deer (what goes around comes around)
Did you ever hear of SPORT?
Sportsmen Policing Our Ranks Together.
These Bozo's are what gives us all a bad name.Things don't come around unless your doing wrong.
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