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Vice President Biden = Liar

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I live almost within site of the school house location. The only shooting this nimrod heard was the atglen sportsman club right over the hill from moccasin run. This guy is really VP what the heck is his objective sugarcoat lies while riding Obamas executive order rampage? We as a country in whole have a serious problem its called the government. I bet after this statement they go back on vacation since they have successfully allowed themselves to extend the ability to blow trillions of dollars until May without actually doing their jobs to fix the debt crisis once again. If this clown runs for the Presidency in 2014 we can document the fact he is a liar right now. This is just outright one of the worst things you can do, LIE about the account you have reguarding childrens deaths to try and point an arguement. This article has me outright enraged what a dirtbag!! I hope the NRA would exposes this mans lies!
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Sorry just venting boys having grown up around the Amish community this one made my blood boil.
How do you know when Biden or Obama are lying? Their lips are moving!
I measured on GoogleEarth....the range where I shoot is 3.63 miles in a straight line from my home. I can NEVER, EVER hear the shots from the range. EVER. The article says the nearest golf course to the school is 6 miles.
From the golf coarse mentioned you can hear the Atglen sportsmans club, but his account is so inflated its rediculous. I'm getting so tired of reading garbage like this coming from our government.
Not to switch gears here but it still makes my blood boil when I think back to the VP debate when Biden was so disrespectful and rude to Paul Ryan - laughing at him, cutting him off mid-sentence, sneering and snickering. Then to make matters worse, the liberal media doesn't even mention what a jerk he was on the post debate reporting.
The man has no sense of reality. He lives in a world of self delusion and fantisy. How Obama won the election with this man as his VP speaks volumes about the voting system we use and the people who are forced to use it.
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