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Well New years day i found out i need more practice at Freehand shots with My flinter ,(Missed a Doe at about 60yds)
But Tonight lemme tell ya .it was a rather event filled evening for only being out 1 1/2 hrs
1st off got int the woods at 3:15 made the 400yd hike up the ridge which doesnt look as steep as it was lol *if you know what i mean* go to the spot i missed the Doe at on friday evening.
Got settled in for a blustery sit and way off in the distance i hear Dogs barking ,i beagle and 1 that sounded like a Coon hound ,
thats when the fun started....I was watching towards the thick stuff and i hear noises from behind me and all along the dogs are getting closer and closer and i am think who in there right mind is running dogs now but anyway they are running barking and barking and barking some more .
I see whats coming in from behind which was 9 Deer ,but they are so spooked from the dogs they are moving rather quickly .
But there is 1 loner in the rear that was acting like it was too scared and wasnt sure where it wanted to go .
So i am Hammer back and Ready to take my first Whitetail with my Late father's flinter and it never happens not a 1 presents me with a shot and and while i am standing there wishing they would move and present it i almost get ran over by 2 very very pretty Red fox's !!!
All this happened in about 15mins and and these darn Dogs are running criss cross along the side of the ridge and the Deer scatter and the Fox's run past me and i am standing there dumb founded
and then all is quiet and i stand there thinking WOW that was so cool and i didnt even shoot anything *would have been a big plus*
But i loved it
Going back out tommorrow evening and see if maybe i can seal the deal on 1 of the 9 i seen tonight
If not oh well just being in the woods if enough at times .

OK i am done rambleing
Take care
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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