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Venison Meatloaf

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my usual meatloaf recipe went out the window yesterday when I had to throw together a quick dinner that did not afford me the time to roast and puree some vegetables.

I found a box of Lipton Recipe Secrets Beefy Onion mix in the cupboard...I doubled it for 4 lbs of lean ground venison and followed their recipe to the T...

utterly AMAZING..easily one of the best quick meatloafs I've ever eaten. Had my mom and dad over to help kill it too and between us there is only a couple small slices left (just enough for my lunch today).

Their recipe (could be used with any onion soup mix i guess) is:

packet of mix
2 lbs meat
3/4 cup water (or beef bullion?)
3/4 cup bread crumbs
2 eggs

mix thoroughly and bake at 350 for about an hour.

My ground venison has NO fat in it as this is what I normally mix up for jerky...when it was done baking there was barely a stain in the pan from what liquid did escape the meat. I garnished the top with some green onion, and of course half of the meatloaf got the Ketchup treatment for the kids and my mom...the other half did not. Both were delish.
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i make a sauce that i paste on top when i bake mine.
2 table spoons ketchup
2 table spoons mustard
1 tablespoon brown sugar
mix together and spread on top, then bake.
i made some last night i used 2 lbs venison, worchester and soy cauce, 3 ounce bread crumbs, and alot of chopped carrots and red and green peppers and onions. it turned out pretty decent, brought the rest in for my co-workers today
That is the same way I make mine and the Kids just love it.(jay4wg)
venison is the best meat loaf in my book
A little twist to make any meatloaf more interesting is to follow your regular recipe but before putting the loaf in the oven take your four fingers and shove them down into the loaf from directly above. That'll make a pocket that you can load up with your favorite cheese and then you can smooth the top back over to seal it up and pop it into the oven.
I always put ketchup, mustard, an egg, bread crumbs, diced onions and worsterdhire sauce in any meat loaf I make. I also coat the top with a thin coat of ketchup.
mmm...cheese. and for my next trick...I might wrap the whole thing in a lattice of bacon. yeah...that should keep my surgeon happy LOL... Seriously though...this could get out of hand!
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