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venison jerkey and kielbasa recipe's-PICS ADDED

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I want to try and smoke some venison this winter and was wondering if any of you have a good jerkey and kielbasa recipe. I am useing a small propane smoker that I bought used with no instructions so if anyone could tell me what temp to smoker should be between and for how long that would be helpful. I will learn as I go but I need a good starting point. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Re: venison jerkey and kielbasa recipe's

Thanks for the advise guys. This is my first time using a smoker so I'm sure it will be trial and error. Keep the suggestions comming. All info is greatly appreciated.
Re: venison jerkey and kielbasa recipe's

Well after reading a couple articles I figured I would give it a try. This is my first attempt with kielbasa and it turned out great. I used cherry wood for this batch and now I have a batch in with hickory wood. Here are a few pics...

My pooch standing guard GRRRR

In the smoker

Fresh out of the smoker.

Hope I didn't make anyone to hungry. This weekend I will attempt jerkey. Thanks for the responses.
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Re: venison jerkey and kielbasa recipe's

Yeah it is. I think I found a new hobby. Maybe after the jerkey experiment this weekend I will try to smoke a whole turkey.
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