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So I grabbed the last bag of meat from last winter and turned it into a pot of chili. Lacking the grinder I diced the meat into 1/2" cubes and browned them off in a large pot, sweated some onions, garlic, fresh peppers from MIL's garden and some celery, then added the rest of my seasonings and some beef broth. It got me thinking...I usually do my chili with ground because it's more convenient...but after tasting the texture and flavor of whole meat - I will be doing this from now on. The only one in the family that doesn't like steak chili won't eat the venison it's of no consequence to anyone else how the deer chili is cooked
My boys LOVE it...the two year old is asking for more hot sauce in it. Gotta love 'em

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I don't use steak, I use cubes or pieces. I don't get my venison ground so all the stuff that isn't in the cuts goes for chili or stew cubes.

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I use both. I like the ground for the thicker chili and I like getting a few chunks of steak in each bite. Sometime I'll even slice up my homemeade deer sausage really thin and toss that in. My chili usually consists of the following.

Ground venison
Venison cube
Sliced sausage
beef stock
tomato paste
chili powder
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