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So my Brother in law had an mid 70's Honda trail 90 given to him by one of his customers to make good on an outstanding bill. This was when he was running a tool route in Virginia. The bike has no title and is pretty much a paper weight right now. it runs great, in good condition and is worth some effort to get a title if possible.

The guy who gave it to him had no title, and my BIL seems to think he never went through to process of titling it as he just used it as a back yard toy. He has no reason to suspect the bike was stolen either.

My first step as I understand it is to go to Penn DOT and file for a VIN history. Maybe a prior owner will show up, maybe not. we'll see.

Has anyone else ever went through the process? Success of failure? I'm in no hurry, and to spend a hundred bucks or so to go through the process isn't a big we'll see how this goes.
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