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Variety plots

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I was going to add this to my other thread but decided to start a new one.

My Fall plots were a dwarf rape,crimson clover and winter wheat mix. For added variety I was going to include oats as well to the mix. My reason for the mix is based on my observations and success of my fall plot last year. Watching the deer wander back and forth through the plot, picking out their favorite food. This offered many shot options for a given deer and seemed to hold their attention on feeding.

I was wondering about others observations on a mixed plot versus an all clover plot or bean etc.
Also I reread the sticky about brassicas, awesome post by the way, and that guy recommends not mixing as one will over take the other and waste seed. Anyone else have the same or different experience?
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I mix rye, rape, and oats every year with great success. They hit the rye early, then the rape, and finally the oats. As you say picking their way through the plot.

You can buy brassica mixes so it must be okay but I can see what he would mean as overseeding can also result in a poorer plot and wasted seed.
I love my Chicory and clover plots.When I start one I plant it in the fall with a cover crop of winter wheat or oats.
I mixed oats in with the bag of Shot Plot I planted last fall. I didn't go overboard with the oats and I really can't say that one overtook the other. I do know the deer picked all the oats out and hardly touched the rest. I'm planning on doing clover with a nurse crop of oats or rye this year.
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