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Ok.. from wear and tear I'm getting a mixed bag of bolts that need fletching. problem is I have two differant makes of bolts and 2 different length vanes.. My Parker Terminator #150 came with Beman Thunder carbon bolts with 4" vane which appeares (to me) with very little helical offset.. So now I came across a great deal on Horton MX Carbons..(couldn't pass up) they have 4 7/8" vanes.. with noticable helical offset.. Tried both this summer of course neither shot the same as the other.. So I stuck with my last 3 Bemans. I would like a full arsenal for next year.. Which vanes are OPTIMAL for xbows with my avg speed of 300-309 (guessing)

Do I strip my new bolts? or use them all until I need vanes

Thanks NR
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