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The Terminator works best with the Gold Tip Laser II's and the Victory arrows.

That being said, I would go with the 2 inch Norway Fusion Vanes. In our testing we found that the Blazers would fold over in a heavy crosswind. They sounded like a helicopter coming at you. The Fusion vanes use a stiffer material in the vane, which prevents them from folding over. Use a 2 degree offset when you set up your fletching jig. Keep in mind that a F.O.C. between 17 and 18 percent will keep everything flying to the same point of impact, with 18 percent being ideal.

Of course, this is in the Terminator. If you are shooting a crossbow with less than 330 f.p.s. you can use the Blazer without problems.

You need at least a 400 grain arrow for the Parkers. Be sure to check them on a scale.
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