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Hello All,
On June 9th at the Verna Montessori School Golf Outing (being held at the Chestnut Ridge Golf Resort in Blairsville, Pa) we will have a two person whitetail hunt to Saskatchewan Canada up for auction. This hunt is through Cabela's Outdoor Adventures and is with Legendary Northway Outfitters. This item was donated to the school to use in it's auction at the annual golf outing. The hunt is November 12th 2012 through November 17th 2012. You arrive in Saskatoon, Canada on the 10th of November, your stay that night is part of the package so it is included. Sunday the 11th the outfitter will pick you up and transport you to the lodge. The next day, the 12th your hunt begins and runs through the 17th (six full days of hunting) that night you would be transported back to Saskatoon where you would stay over (again that nights lodging is included) and then you would fly home on the 18th. Basically the only out of pocket expenses are your flight, 2 taxi rides (airport to the hotel and hotel to the airport), a couple meals prior to pick up and after drop off, possibly extra baggage (cape and horns), and tips. Don't forget this is for two people, the value on this hunt is aprox. $ 10,300.00 or $ 5,150.00 per person. The price breaks down like this; the hunt $ 4,395.00, GST (tax) $219.75, PST (tax) $ 75.00, license (included) $ 300.00, and 2 nights stay in Sakatoon for two $ 150.00 per night.

The golf / school website is being updated and when that is done I will post the link so that you can bid that way. You do not have to come to the auction to bid, we have had items online in the past and it has worked out very well. The school is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, your donation maybe tax deductible, check with your accountant. For more information, a list of other auction items (including other hunts), to bid, or to answer any questions you can email me at [email protected] or call me at (724) 217-8502.

Two last things, one I am trying to get the hunt to be the person's choice of this year (2012) or next year (2013) to give people more time to plan and schedule. But right now the dates are the ones mentioned above. Secondly, I and all those at Verna Montessori School really want to thank HuntingPa for allowing us to offer this fantastic hunt to all the people that visit this site. Items never really go for what they are worth at these type of small auctions but being able to reach such a large group of hunters should help us with the auction of this hunt.

Thanks again,
Jack Manack (ECO)
(724) 217-8502
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