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What are you wearing?
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I want my 2000th post to be about underwear.
Is there an option for "going cammando"?
Not wearing any in this heat!! Just gym shorts lol!!!
atr said:
Whatever my mom buys me

I can't tell. The tag wore off long ago. But once again I have been inspired by HPA! In the post list to the right, The post just below "Undies" is "Scent Blocker"
I think this might be my ticket to easy street!
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Neither....or is that none!
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I where Hanes,a few years back,Fruit of the Loom, was a big antigun contributer.I haven't considered wearing them since.
Fruit of the Loom boxer briefs.....gray
Hanes. I just became "The Man" on an underwear thread.
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after mexican food last night, mine are Fruit of Kaboom!!
John Henry said:
after mexican food last night, mine are Fruit of Kaboom!!
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limbhnger10 said:
Didn't they used to run an add that said:
HANES--Her way!

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I'm trying to find the right fit.Boxer breifs are too hot and tighty whities get all tied up.
I'm a boxer briefs guy. And never in white,....unless I am wearing my summer whites that day, then it is obvious I need to wear white underneath.
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