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under ice beavers

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How do you catch beaver under the ice i cant seem to catch any after it iced up.
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sometimes they dont do much moving when the ice is on. most guys use baited sets around the feed bed or in the run ways between the hut and the dam. just gotta watch out for the 15 foot rule.
If its a smaller stream, their runs are usually up the middle. Cut a hole thru the ice and if its not too deep you can lay on the ice and look down and see the "channel" they travel thru. Put a 330 on a holder or wired to 2 dead poles and stick it in the middle of the run. You'll get them that way. Some guys put 1/2" diameter green sticks on the trigger of a 330 and get them that way too. Hope it helps.
<span style="font-weight: bold">Devin, here is a very good link. While you're on Tman read the posts in the water trapping archives, there is a lifetime of information. Cutt </span>
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