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Under Armor Cold Gear?

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So I got a Cabela's Full Season Scent Lok suit for Christmas. Left it in the package to avoid getting any scent on it. Turns out I should have got XL and Cabela's wont accept a return post 90 days. I argued it and they agreed to take my return and then found that this camo pattern is discontinued and that they'd have to put my clothes in the bargain bin which means I'm not getting full price for my return. So, to my question. With no layering these clothes fit me. I'm going to need something to keep me warm in November in Ohio and PA for that matter with no bulk. Is Under Armor Cold Gear good enough to keep me warm on all day stand sits in Ohio? They will be dropping me off at dark and picking me up after dark. I'm not going to be able to bulk layer like I normally would. I don't care that its expensive stuff if it works.
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Just can't image how that thin expensive cold wear gear would keep me warm. I have hunted in tree stands from daylight to dark for many years in many states and on occasion camped during the nights. One year in IL the wind chill factor varied from 25-45 below for a week. The only thing that keep me close to warm is dressing in layers and not over dressing while walking.
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