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UFC158 PPV sat16th

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Main card

St-Pierre vs Diaz

Condit vs Hendricks

Ellenberger vs Marquardt

Ring vs Camozzi

Ricci vs Fletcher
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GSP by brutal ground and pound!
GSP rules, diaz is a little trash talking punk. I respect his jujitzu but he talks way too much. Saw the write up on the fight, good stuff. I still want to see a superfight between GSP and Anderson Silva before their both to old.
Great fight, just wish they had to cart Diaz off on a stretcher, nothing serious mind you, just some ruptured internal organs......Did I mention I cant stand Diaz?
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That he is, everything MMA should be, humble, earnest and just a all around MMA machine. Cant wait to see him and Big Rig, though that maybe awhile, I think Big Rig broke his left hand.
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