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One big thing for us is we have a cabin and we are there almost every weekend when I can turn the water on,My boys have grown up being at our cabin every weekend we fish shoot bb guns and just hang out outside,When hunting season would roll around everytime I would shoot a deer in archery season I would call the boys on the talk-about and have my wife bring them up to where I was and they would help me track and gut and drag the deer out,And yes there was a few times I shot deer right at dusk and they were in the pitch dark woods with me draging out a deer with me this was at 3-6 years old its just what they know they love it,Then we move on to this year now we each take one with us during rifle season and they were there for every deer we shot I got three and my wife got three they are now 7-9 and they are both talking about how they are pumped for spring gobbler and groundhogs,so my advice is they will do what you do if you dont spend much time in the outdoors its hard to expect them too,So if you are a real die hard hunter like we are you dont really even have to try to get them into it its just who they are,If you dont go out fishing,hunting,hiking,or just being outdoors its hard for them to get into it just my 2 cents
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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