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I’m not a father nor do I have any experience molding someone into being a hunter but here are my thoughts...

Growing up as a child I remember (as maybe you do) hating to do things that my parents were pushing me to do. I had no interest in some things and just hated to HAVE to do what they wanted. With that being said, don’t push hunting on him to the point where he may feel the way I did when I was pushed to do or try something. Talk hunting with him, take him to the field, the range, show him the game you bring home ect...

Show your love for hunting but don’t make it seem like he has to do it. Make it fun, don’t take him out for the first day of hunting and make him sit there all day and find it boring (especially if your not seeing any game but dont make it seem like getting game determines a successful day in the field). Kids have short attention and get bored very quickly. Think back to when you first were getting into hunting and the things you enjoyed during the early years. I’m sure he will enjoy the same stuff so try to show him those things.

These are the things I will do if I ever have a son or get the chance to introduce youth into the sport. It would be a shame to have him reject what all of us on here love but me personally I’d rather have him hunt and love it then hunt and hate it.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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