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Turkey Time

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Just wanna know what time in the morning you guys usually hear your first gobble and what time fly down usually is. Have a week off starting tomorrow & can't wait to get after some birds.
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Getting earlier faster n faster it seems...last Thursday it was right around 6 for the first gobble and the bird I worked stayed up until almost 7. I think it was because he was alone and trying to.locate a soon as I called he pitched down and came right in...

Now...I'd wanna be to my listening spot by 540-545 at the latest and that's starting to push down somewhere around 615ish...but I found fly down and up depends on several does first gobbles...
I'm trying to be real close to where I want to be by 5:15. First gobble for me this week has been between 5:20 and 5:40.
I think the earliest I've ever heard a gobbler is about 5:15, but I'm sure they have sounded off at all hours from roost time to flydown time. That doesn't make "first gobble" in the morning irrelevant, but it means an early gobble is not necessarily an indication he has woken up and is thinking of the day ahead.

5:30 this week with the birds I was on.
It is going to vary greatly from one side of the state to the other and also get earlier each week of the season. The earliest I heard in this area this week was at 0530 on Monday. What I suspect was the same bird was at 0534 on Tuesday morning.

By the last week of the season I will be hearing birds by shortly after 0500.

Dick Bodenhorn
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