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This past year my daughter turned 4 years old in October. She liked to sit and watch the Sunday morning hunting shows and one day said she wanted to go turkey hunting with me. I explained how still and queit she had to be to go along. She said she could do it, so "Santa" brought her a camo outfit from Cabelas. As the season grew near, she kept asking when were going turkey hunting, as I practiced my calls. The weekend finally came and we got to camp in Bradford Cty Friday evening and quickly ate dinner. We then went out and called, attempting to locate the turkeys with no luck. I was concerned it would be a rough next morning in the woods. The alarm at 0500 came quick. She jumped out of bed and was actually so excited, she was shaking and got her boots on while in her pajamas. I had to settle her and get her to eat some breakfast, then get her dressed. I was nervous this was going to be a disaster. We got out the door at 0520 and began walking to a spot where the turkeys frequenlty roost. While walking we heard a gobble in the direction we were headed. You should have seen the look on her face. I dont know who started walking faster, her little legs or mine. We hurried to our spot and got set as birds were gobbling at various locations in front and back of us. As the sun began coming up, one began coming in, then held up gobbling like crazy, then turned and walked off, not liking something. Then all was silent for about 15 minutes. I figured it wouldn't be long before she lost interest. Then a couple more calls and in came another couple jakes. One ran right up to the decoy. She whispered, shoot daddy, its right there(20 yds in front). I did and it went down in tis tracks. A quick high five and she was off running over to the bird, before I could even stand up or before the bird evebn stopped flopping. She was so happy. We both sat here admiring the bird together and took pictures. What an experience for the both of us. I will never forget and I hope she doesnt. For those of you that have a young child, get them out in the woods to experience what Madison and I did this past weekend. You will not regret or forget it!!!
I dont have the program for our camera to download onto the computer, but once I get a cardreader I will download and post.
Next...archery 2010!!!
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