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Trying to shake it off

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I had a big 8pointer come into my grunts yesterday morning. I almost got busted drawing back but he stopoed for a few seconds and then continued on his way and i was able to come to full draw. I got a gold hold and let the arrow fly. I see the arrow change directions and hit him in the neck, my arrow deflected off a tiny branch i never saw. He started to run and stumbled and then stopped and started walking away. I waited for a while amd came down. I called my dad _he was hunting very close by) we started to track and had good blood for about 200 yards. He walked into the neighboring property's field then lost blood. As approaching the field there was a deer running a few hundred yards running away. Couldnt tell if it was a buck or doe. As we were looking in the field there was a small buck chasing 2 doe around so im not sure if it was one of those deer. We looked all over and could not find anymore blood and even looked throughout the property and never found anything. I know there is an artey in the neck but believe if I hit that it wouldn't have made it as far as it did. We looked all over the property and some of the neighboring properties and nothing. Im just hoping that the deer recovers and was wondering if anyone thinks the deer will make it. I watched a video and it says the neck has a lot of tissue in it. Does anyone think the buck will be able to recover. Im pretty bothered by this, never been in this situation. Just looking for sone input.
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I had a similar experience a few years back. I had a broadside shot at 24yds, I thought I made a decent shot, but the arrow somehow struck the big 9pt in the neck. We had a blood trail for about 70 yards, even found my arrow broken off with blood all over it, but never found my buck. I was very upset to say the least and couldn`t stop thinking of the buck laying dead somewhere. That was on Halloween weekend in late Oct.

Fast forward 6 weeks later on the last Fri. of rifle season, my hunting bud, calls me and says he shot a big 9pt at 4:45 pm and that he cut his finger pretty bad while field dressing it while reaching up to sever the wind pipe. That got me to thinking that maybe, just maybe he sliced his finger on my Muzzy broadhead.I went over his house to look at the buck, and sure enough it was the same one it hit 6 week earlier.

They are very tough animals, I wouldn`t be surprised at all if your buck is still roaming around, just as the one I hit square in the neck. I hope this story will give you some comfort and peace of mind.
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