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Trying for Cat and Yote pics But

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All I have are over 100 pics of this little guy.

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double ear tags... must be a trouble maker.
Surprised he's still out and about.
Bobcats like to follow lanes, trails, etc.
Coyotes too, if they can.
Try setting up your camera in those areas if you have access to any.
If you can find a road kill deer, they make a great "attractant" for a camera location.
Be sure to "stake fast" the carcass. You might want to have exactly 24 inches sticking out of the ground. This will make for a good measuring stick.

Who would believe a red fox and a possum would be side by side, sharing a meal?
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This little guy. Don't look to little to me.
Find some bobcat sign so you know they are in the area.

Bobcats are sight hunters. Do some research on baiting bobcats and then make a set with an attractor like they would use to trap bobcats. Put it in front of your camera and wait.

Pa_guy mentioned lanes. My buddy has some foodplots along an old tote road. In the past two years he had 4 photos of bobcats walking down the tote road. One of them looks like it was taken by a professional photographer.
This site always produced Yotes and Cats. But the Bear camps out all night now. Hope he goes to sleep soon.
Some of last years pics

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