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truth cam problem

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I have a truth cam that the sd card will not snap in to place. You can push it in allthe way but it don't lock and yuo can pull it back out. I haven't used it this way yet but was just wondering if anyone has had this happen to a camera.
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Just a suggestion: if you haven't already, try a different SD card. I had an SD card giving problems one time. When installed the slide lock would go into the lock position whether installing it in a camera or computer. Removing it, the card would show unlocked. If switching cards does not help, something may be damaged in that area of the camera, or if the camera has had a lot of use, that area may be worn. Good luck.
I have try several cards all with the same results. It must be something in the camera.
Thanks for the update. If the camera is still under warranty, I would suggest returning it, or contact the manufacture explaining what is happening. They may offer a suggestion. Good luck.
Warrenty is over. Do you think it will still work even though it won't stay locked in place. I think that rubber weather cap will keep it from falling all the way out. I guess the only thing to do is put it out and try it.
Had this happen to a tasco. Taped a shim on the adjacent side of the camera. It pushes the SD card in upon closing the camera.

Have to hold the SD card while viewing pics however. Challenging at times.
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