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The great trout fishing hole

It's been gone for some time. Rivers change; fishing holes change.

I first fished it after just starting to get over a foot and ankle injury and was slowing moving back to some wading. I moved cautiously at first. But from the experience I learned a lot about fishing; learned a lot about fishermen and people.
It was a great fishing hole; big and deep. Had a old bridge that forced water past it causing one long deep hole where many trout took refuge. The hole was great. Some with better skills would catch a limit in hours. But many would catch a fish or two.

But as I got steadier on my feet, I moved out, finding new areas, if not better areas on the river. Long ago, I got away from going to one spot for long. Every good area eventually turns bad or worse than it was.

I would start a lot of times in the area, to see old time fisherman. One fished the same small hole, within the big hole, every weekend. The hole bore his name, he was so well known in the small group of regular fisherman. I'd stay a few minutes and tube down stream, catching a limit usually, here and there. My limits weren't controlled by one place. I had over a dozen places to cover. Worked good with my now healed ankles and feet.

But the hole changed. It started filling in due to the stream flow change. Soon I would come for a visit with some old acquaintances. But they were all gone. Never did see them on the river again. I had moved on to new places on the river. They had no place on the river that was old and familiar to them. And they just moved on.
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