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I may be picking up a crossbow within a weeek to allow me to hunt some suburban properties in NJ (ground blind with close by McMansions). I live in PA and work in NJ. Either a Parker enforcer or an Excalibur Axiom.

I used the TreeSaddle vertical archery hunting last year. I kind of like it, at least enough to use it this year hunting in PA. I have no experience using a crossbow out of a TreeSaddle.

The only thing I see is a video from the TreeSaddle Site. But no video of the shot.
Go to and click on the video for the Missy 07 Ohio Deer Hunt.

Other than that, I have not heard much about crossbows in the TreeSaddle.

Has anyone used a crossbow out of a treesaddle? If so, can you give me the skinny on using a crossbow out of the treesaddle. I don't need the general TreeSadde info, I already have that. Just interested in how it works with a crossbow.

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