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Regarding climbing tree stands, you're not reading the input of a rookie. I'll challenge almost anyone to the title of "Most Hours Spent in a Climbing Tree Stand" title. Last year I killed seven deer (4 bow, 3 gun) between NY and PA, all out of my LW. My style of deer hunting pretty much dictates the use of a climber. i.e., almost exclusively public land and a style where I may find a good spot and want to hunt it almost immediately. As some of you with good memories may recall, a company called Baker came out with the first climber (at least I'm pretty sure they were the first). I had a Baker Mighty Mite which I killed quite a few deer out of. I made a couple modifications to it to improve it's effectiveness. After the Baker, I had an API Grand Slam Bowhunter. It's a great stand except for two's weight and it's "cumbersomness". I looked at several stands to replace the API; I bought my Lone Wolf a few years ago and will never look back. Although I had to make a couple minor modifications to improve it's effectiveness and safety, IMO it's the best on the market. When it comes to a good treestand, you almost have to evaluate them regardless of price. Once you decide upon the best for you, then you can look at price and see just how much you want to give up for the cheapness factor. If something happened to my LW e.g. stolen, whatever, I'd go right out and buy another.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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