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I have two Summits- the Summit Viper, which I bought in 2002? It's not uncommon for me to spend 100 hours on-stand in a year. Most of that time is in the Viper- I cannot emphasize enough comfortable is is or how easy it is to use. It weighs in at @ 21 Lb. It's more comfortable than the couches or recliners in my house!

The second Summit is the Summit Open Shot, which weighs in at @ 15Lb. The weight difference (6LB) is alot when hiking far in (some places I go it's more than a mile in, uphill!). The Open Shot is less expensive than the Viper, it's got a smaller seat and a smaller platform, isn't as comfortable and is harder to climb with. But that's the price you pay for sheddding 6 Lb!

I have no doubt other stands are great- but I love my Summits!

1 - 1 of 25 Posts