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Hi all,
I will be traveling to 2B over the Thanksgiving holiday for a day or two at my in-laws. I did a little internet research for bowhunting opportunities since there is an extended season in that area and I was able to find a small piece of state land #203. Just wondering if anyone had any input or experience in that area or is aware of any other public hunting opportunities in 2B? I saw there are a couple of shooting ranges within the SGL 203, I am assuming they will be packed with the upcoming gun season. My current plan is to read over a map of the area and find some parking on the opposite side of the parcel and give it a go. I will only be hunting Thanksgiving day and possibly part of Friday, but up here in Tioga county things are still really cranking, I have seen bucks chasing and holed up with does all this week bear hunting, so I thought I would give it a shot while I was on "vacation" at the in laws. Any help is greatly appreciated!

thanks all

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the gameland you speak of is off of rt 19 in wexford. It gets hammered by people if i was you i would look into some of the co op farms in southern butler county or in northern allegheny in west deer township. I would think you have a much better chance at one of those areas. remember you must be south of 228 to be in 2b. any questions pm me

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Not sure but last time I was there the range was closed. I'd guess it is or will be open soon... but maybe not...

Either way, those critters live there and are used to it if you can stand the noise lol...I'd almost bet deer hole up close to the range because hunters won't go near it..

The area does get a lot of pressure....but there is a lot of deer sign in there...I coon hunt there once in a blue moon...

Lots of thick nasty stuff..lots of hills...get into a far corner and you might see something...

Someone mentioned co-op farms...another option...but in my experience they are as bad or worse than game lands. Much smaller woods and for whatever reason people just come and hunt and don't ask anyone permission or anything.

Good luck! You're's a good time to be in a tree...last year was the first I hunted the extended in 2b. The amount of mature bucks moving in the middle of the day that I personally saw and my cameras got was incredible...
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