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trapping supplies in swpa

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anyone know of anywhere that sells trapping supplies in southwest going to try to get into this alittle and id rather buy from someone local than order off the internet.....thanks
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if you are close to Fayette County Fayette Fur are some great guy's to deal with they are in Lisenring just outside of Connellsville
Looking to buy my first set of traps too
also T&T in latrobe
Where is t&t at in Latrobe, is it off rt30?
North of Greensburg off of 119. Make a right at Carbone restaurant onto Latrobe Crabtree Road, past lake and she (Theresa) is on the left before bigfoot lane.
Thanks I just found it on Google earth. Never knew that was there.
took a ride down to fayette fur post today and got myself a dozen duke 1 3/4 to get started...guy was very helpful with all my novice questions and gave me a few pointers to start out with...i will definately go there again
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