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Having a little extra time this weekend, I was up a 6 both mornings to get in a little dog work. With the early spring, most woodcock chicks are 10-12 weeks old and flying well. So off we went to find some.

Took a while to get the first solid point in some young 2nd generation growth.

Instead of being a woodcock it was a small brood(2 chicks) of grouse that too us 50 yards of relocating to finally pin them down and get them to flush.

It wasnt long afterwards the old dog found a bird, his low tail tells me it's a woodcock and he was right

We only spent about an hour each morning working birds before we headed back for breakfast. In that time we moved 8 grouse from 2 small broods along with a single, and 6 woodcock. Interestingly, we didnt move any young woodcock, they must still be hanging in their brooding areas.

Almost all birds were found in cover with thick stem density and no vegetation on the floor. It was excellent summer time scenting condition, but the birds had their track shoes on.
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