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Trailer recommendation 4 Tractor

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I have a 32 hp Kubota with a FEL and was thinking about buying a used trailer.

Would a 16 x 6 foot trailer with duel wheels that is rated 7000 lbs. fit the ticket or would I need something larger.

Also would anyone know if this size trailer would need to be inspected every yr.
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YEs inspected every year. It has brakes and is over 3K# It will fit on there ok but any attachments either
a) won't fit on ok at the same time especially a bushhog mower
b) 6 ' wide is knda tight width wise
c) you really gotta watch how you load it or you end up easily too light or too heavy on the tongue and or axles.
d) you will probably end up wishing you bought a 18- 20 foot 10,000# deckover with a 7.5 or 8' deck not long after you buy the one you described.
e) I own one like you describe but it's 10K# so I'm speaking from experience. It's also why I have a 34'x 8.5' 25K# GN trailer. I needed more room.
Used a 16 ft trailer for years in the landscaping business with tractor a little bigger, works fine, 6 ft wide also with a 2and 5/16 ball......towed by a half ton p/u.....
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