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Traditions Spring

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Is there any way that I can change the spring steel to allow the frizzen to move more freely? I have to have oil on it in order for the frizzen to move allowing a spark to occur.
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Two things to try, shine up the frizzen roller, that contacts the frizzen spring under the bridle. And shine up the part of the frizzen spring it contacts. Also, check to make sure the frizzen and pan are not pinched together at the bridal pin. Maybe separate then a minute amount for free movement.
When I take the spring off the frizzen moves freely so I know it's something with the spring not the frizzen, is it possible for the spring to be installed wrong or too tightly? I may have screwed something up while messing around with it. My frizzen was always tight but never this tight.
Is the frizzen sloppy or have wiggle on the bridle pin? Maybe pinching when the spring is pushing on it? Or is there a pin on the frizzen spring not in the hole, making the spring sit cockeyted?
There's only one pin I can think of that is on the spring and it is in the only hole there is. I almost seems as if the spring is to much pressure on the frizzen.
which Traditions do you have?
The frizzen spring should be screwed or pinned to the lock plate, directly unde the bridle. There is also a pin (part of back of spring) between the screw and end of the bottom of the "V" of the spring. The screw mounts the spring to the plate, and the little pin holds it stationary so it doesnt try to swivel when the frizzen bears down on it.
Heres a link that shows a Traditions flint lock exploded view. You can see the... tab I guess is the word, vs. pin (My TC Renegade has a pin).
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