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Looking for some info on this little bugger.
Traditions Fox River 50 Cal, 1/48 twist. Using for deer, target shooting first.
Manual anyone, can't locate.
Types of ammo i can user.
Type of powder.
Max load, safe load, best load.
Size of caps to use.

Any and all safe loads will be looked at, not looking to max out. just looking to have fun and learn.

I am new to Muzzleloaders and hopes to learn more.


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I would believe 50-90 grains of FFG black powder for a load would work fine with a .490" diameter round ball and a lubed .015" thick patch or try some conicals if you want to.
Clean the bore & flash hole with a good rubbing alcohol first.
Most accurate load you will have to shoot and find out, I would start at 50 grains and work up in 5 grain increments.
I would use spit patch to target/sightin first then use a bore butter,crisco or olive oil lube for the patch for hunting if your going to leave it loaded, if not a plain spit patch works.
FFFFG powder for the pan if a flintlock.
I would get a hold of Traditions and see if they have an extra manual for it, seems like traditions manuals are not specific to a certain model.
As far as the basics of loading check out these:

Hope this helps,
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