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Traditional shop

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I'm located in Indiana PA, and wanted to see if anyone knows of a good Traditional Shop somewhere in Western PA? Thanks for the help.
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Crushin...we have about everything you need, or can get it in a couple days. We have very fair prices and will ship at real shipping cost.

We are just outside of New Stanton.

I highly recommend J&M in eastern PA. Tell them I sent you.
Do you sell any bow building supplies?If so do you have a catalog?

jkhunter: I regularly get in glass and always have smooth on and urac in stock. I also carry some primitive...hide glue, snakeskins etc.

I don't have a catalog, but get many of my supplies from K-King and 3 Rivers and specialty providers. I always beat them on shipping and on orders over $150, I ship for free.

This is our 5th year in business, our focus is on competitive pricing and above average customer service.
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I call Bob and it's here in 2 days. Bought several bows from him as well- go to his place to try a bow and he'll give ya a free cigar and a pop.

He dont know that I go there just for the free cigar
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Bob, I am in the learning process of making wood bows from boards and staves and I was curious if you had any of those types supplies. I get some stuff from 3 rivers but I would rather give a local guy some business if I can.

Bob, thanks for the info, I'm sure I'll be stopping in sometime, Just trying to get this hole traditional thing figured out.
Thanks Guys, I went to J&M today. Really nice, knowledgable people out to help someone interested in the sport. I really appreiate i.
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