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tracks all around

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i have both fox and yote tracks witin feet or sometime inches or tracks to 25 feet then pacing back and forth . what am i doing wrong . do u guys use your wax year after year or new each year , as thats what i think may be wrong had a few diggers in the fall .
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might be a lil bit of human scent left, give it time, you'll get one
70 people viewed this and only 1 reply . please guys i need help
I used to have that too. Try less lure, and stay away from your sets, check from as far away as possible. I used to think a whole dropper or 2 would really pull 'em in, why else would the put the dropper on the bottle, right? What I have found is that a Qtip cut in half works pretty well. Just dip the end in the lure and dab the top edge of the hole, then chuck it in. Good luck!
man this has been kind of my problem all year. I had a ton of stuff come in and walk right by or investigate and leave. I had caught 2 fox and 4 coon (this is my first year) Recently i had 2 fox in fresh snow come into my hayset with 2 victor 1.5's. One fox urinated right on the trap, the next night they came back and dug a little of the hay but missed both traps.. Talk about being unlucky.
I love when it snows and you get to see how many animals check the sets and don't get caught,

Saturdays morning close...yet so far away......

Last year...frozen traps or i woulda had em! They worked both sets hard!
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thats part of it. When an animal smells a new scent alot of times suspicion is raised,or they are just shy, and that might attribute to using too much lure. but each time that animal comes by the area they will build more confidence to work the set as long as you don't tinker with the set every day, and this is especially true of coyotes.. The best thing to do is check your sets from a distance if you can. sometimes they just don't step on the pan, and maybe next time around they will, but too much guiding is no good either. If i told you how many coyotes i should have caught within the last 8 weeks you'd puke. just hang in there. The only thing i might change if i were you is using a little less lure. Alot of people don't realize how much eye appeal their set has already. If the set is close to their path of travel, they are going to notice it, and the lure adds another aspect of curiosity, and the bait is supposed to hold them there to work the set. try using just a tiny amount of lure and bait and see what happens then. multiple lures can be good, but just tone the amount down some.
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Avoidance is par for the coarse this time of year. I too have had much rejection as of late.
When continued rejection occurs I make a new set there. Does not matter what type of set, what matters is it's new. Yes the lure amount may repel for a time. When it's coyotes I like a very large hole set with no lure, just a piece of rabbit fur in deep.

anytimearcher, dido on the shoulda.

2 dandy reds in new sets where they seemed uncatchable, yesterday.
My first year I caught like 15 fox before it ever snowed and I thought I was hot stuff as far as trapping goes then the snow came and it really humbles you when you see how many walk right by without getting caught
thanks guys for the input sure appreciate it . how bout ur wax mine is 2 years old now ,do u keep it or start new .
if your wax hasnt been contaminated or burnt, you should be fine....

i keep mine right in the pot and store it safely so it wont pick up foreign scent etc...

digger could be contaminated traps but many times it is due to traps not being bedded completely solid...and it is usually a coon doing the digging..them coon and their little hands are amazing...ive had them pick traps up and never fire them and put them off to the side...crazy...i couldnt do as neat of a job as they can! lol
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