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TR Imports Model 13 Tactical 12 gauge

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I was in Dicks today and they had a few guns on clearance... One the Turkish TR Imports model 13..I did some research and it appears that you can get a plug for them for about $4.95 from the company in Texas.. It also come with an extended tube and that is a Xtra full choke.. I'm going to do some serious coyote hunting in Texas and this will work well for me... Also Va allow you to use shotgun that shoot more the 3 shells.. A single shot shotgun would have cost me more in a gun shop... My only question is the muzzle break? What would be the choke designation when you install that on this tactical gun... By the way they sell a kit that makes this gun into a field grade hunting gun if you wish... I know in Va this should turn out to be an excellent hunting arm.. I hunt coyotes and many of the coyotes there are shot in deep woods..
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Notice how much it only cost to convert the Model 13 Tactical gun to a field gun.. TR Imports are known for their quality import guns..
The company is sending me a plug to use in the Tactical 13 Model 12.. I will be able to use it for hunting in Pa now...
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I inserted the plug into this Model 13.. Wow now I have an excellent predator, turkey gun, .. I'm going to take it for a walk today and use the Xtrafull choke tube # 4 that came with it and pop a few chucks that come out along the farmers crops..
Since fox season is just around the corner I did purchase the $153.00 kit to make this shotgun a field gun.. You get a straight stock, 5 choke tubes, and a 28 inch barrel...
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